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I'm Not A Princess
13 December 2011 @ 03:26 pm
It's been ages since I posted :/ not much is going on except I'm in University now and still jobless. I break up for the holidays next week, but I also have an exam and an exam when I go back after Christmas. It's bullshit, y u do dis university?
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I'm Not A Princess
20 June 2011 @ 10:55 pm
Holy shit it's mid-June already. Nothing much is going on considering I haven't posted anything since March, holy shit. Still no job because I fail and probably won't be able to get one because I'm convinced there's something wrong with my mental health, which prevents me from socialising and it's ruining my life to be honest, so I'm going to the doctors this week and rant about these problems.

In other news my computer is f-ed again, but it's in for repairs and I'll hopefully get it back tomorrow. So considering I can't get a job I'm going to take that Japanese course I was so called doing last year but my job sent that to hell, I would probably still be doing it if it wasn't for that dumb ass lady telling me it was a permanent job.
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I'm Not A Princess
09 March 2011 @ 09:00 pm
Dayum, I haven't posted anything in ages D: Nothing much is going on at the moment really. I've been playing on Pokémon White and haven't started on Black yet. I did do a playthrough of White awhile ago on my computer but never got round to beating the 8th gym leader because I couldn't really understand the story as I can't read much Japanese. Though I did manage to get the Pokémon names, moves and items down.

So far I have 6 badges and am currently leveling up in Twist mountain. It was named Spiral mountain in the Japanese version I don't know why they had to rename 'Spiral' to 'Twist' but whatever.

Still no job either so I've been going to places which 'help' your chances of finding one. I suppose they can be pretty helpful, you just can't actually be bothered being there you'd rather be at home. I've got an another one of these things on the 23rd, yay. 
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I'm Not A Princess
12 January 2011 @ 09:16 pm
Which isn't much, really. I did get round to cleaning out my room last night :D I'm so proud of myself, though it's unbelievable how much crap I had to throw out, I've never cleaned out my room and ended up with 6 bags of crap. On the bright side I have a load of space in my wardrobe and bookcase (: 

Went to sign on at the Job Centre yesterday got bitched at because I didn't apply for a job my advisor gave me lol. It was in Golborne, I have no idea where the hell it is except it's past Hindley and near Lowton. Other than going on holiday (which doesn't count because I'm in a car and not on a bus) the furthest I've travelled is to Salford and guess what, I got lost! :D and I was born in Salford too lawl. 

Been playing on Birth by Sleep lately, I need to beat Master Xehanort D: which isn't happening. I'm like, Level 44 and I still can't beat him ): I'm sure the highest level you can be is 50. I've managed to go around the worlds and collect all the stickers and treasure chests and everything because I'm sad and I want to beat the game at 100% I'll probably have another shot at beating him tonight and hopefully if that all goes well I can start on Ven's story.

Errr, went out the other day with laimamori and it was epic. I haven't seen her since her birthday last year, so it was nice to catch up on everything :) later we watched Inglorious Basterds and lol'd at Brad Pitt and his attempt to do a Southern American accent. Pretty random film, though hilarious. Afterwards, we made ourselves tea and a potato exploded on us when poked with a fork. Many lulz were had that day.

Job searching is failing as usual ): I can't wait to finally get one, though my mum said that I should volunteer somewhere, though I have no idea where or where to even bother looking. 
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I'm Not A Princess
25 December 2010 @ 08:14 pm

Fuck yeah, it's Christmas. Damn, how fast has this year gone? :< Doesn't seem like a year ago when I started on my Business and Admin course in college. I hope everyone has had a lovely day (:

I was quite thrilled with the stuff I got. I'm getting old so I don't get as much stuff as I used to when I was a kid. I gots a new TV and the graphics are spiffy :D I kinda needed it though, because normal, non-flat screen TVs aren't good for my eye sight even when wearing glasses D: so I got a flat screen and can actually SEE the fucking text. Damn you, Myopia. Dunno what Myopia is, Wikipedia it or something.

ALSO, I got Hetalia on DVD and the 1st Volume of manga :DDD Fuck yeah, my parents are awesome. Plus a few games such as the Layton games which my friend iexo  and my little sister kindly got for me. Though I have yet to play on them. Also, I've been nerdy-ing over my Horoscope books which my parents also got for me. Yeah, I'm an Astrology nerd.
Weirdest thing, apparently, I'm not compatible with Capricorns BUT it says they're the best sign for me to in a relationship/get married to :/ the fuck? How does that work?

During dinner today my crazy little sister decided to wear all of the paper hats that comes inside crackers lol she's weird.

Meme tiem :D

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Ow, somehow I have managed to cut the inside of my mouth ;A;
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I'm Not A Princess
07 December 2010 @ 04:16 pm
FFFFF not posted anything in awhile. Not much happening :/ 'cept this boring as fuck presentation I went to today at the job centre, pointless as fuck. They tell you stuff you pretty much alright knew, the guy who was going the presentation was pretty decent at least. Though I was Sonic-fagging at the back of the room, I had my iPod on the whole entire time just listening to music from the Sonic games :D 

Not much to say, 'cept it's now December :/ woo Christmas. I managed to get all my presents on the internet (: Oh internet, what would I do without you? Also, because it's December it's also Winter D: worst fucking season ever. It's too cold to get up, the roads and pavements are too slippy and accidents happen and I die inside because I can never get warm.

Other than that though, I've been able to read the Sonic Archie Comics online so I won't have to spend a shit load of money buying them (:

My hands are cold ;< Short post is short.

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I'm Not A Princess
11 November 2010 @ 08:30 pm
Just as the title says, I mean, hell I've been watching <i>Digimon</i> lol, I totally blame [info]iexo , it's her fault. Other stuff involves playing on old games which I haven't touched in forever, such as The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time :D epic game is epic. Also, I hate Firefox >.> it keeps screwing up and not loading stuff so now I've resolved to using Google Chrome. I'll probably start watching some movies during unemployment, I watched Hercules about a week ago, yeah, I never saw it before hand. I'll probably have my own Disney marathon sometime soon. But yeah, looking for jobs and writing out several application forms is not fun ): including one of the women I e-mailed for an application form before sent me one but in <i>pdf. format</i> WTF? She obviously has no idea what she's doing, if she did she would know that you can't type in Adobe Reader >.> moron.

Anyhula, gonna go ahead and do a meme (:

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LOL back to watching Digimon. O Hai Firefox, are you going to work for me now?
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I'm Not A Princess
30 October 2010 @ 10:30 pm

So, because I'm now unemployed thanks to that fucking school 'letting me go' because there wasn't enough work, my mum won't leave me the fuck alone, constantly whining at me to look for a job. Yeah, and I've found nothing. So because I'm no longer employed my parents thought it would be a good idea for me to sign on and claim job seekers allowance, yay. Basically, you have to search for work and then show them your progress at every appointment which is every week. If you don't, you'll have your 'benefits' taken away. Apparently a shit ton of people have had problems with job seekers, people who sign on literally have no rights to speak up. If they find you a job, you cannot say no :/ what the fuck? I've even read about some poor guy in Ipswitch getting arrested because he wanted someone else to look into his situation and the woman he was speaking with stormed off without warning and called security and they rang the police saying he was trespassing :/ So yay, I'll probably bitch a ton after I've starting going, my appointment is on Tuesday :/ so wish me luck.

On a different note, I've started playing Pokémon White and I don't understand Japanese much. I've just beaten the 3rd gym leader, and I must say it's a pretty good game. Also, wtf? fucking fireworks, it's not Bonfire Night yet, you retards. Speaking of which, it's Halloween tomorrow, yay :| worst day of the year. I'm staying in bed all day.
Back to Pokémon, I have a current party of 5, count 'em 5, Pokémons. Also, the evolved Pokémon in this game learn shit moves, it's best if you evolve them at a later stage, especially the 3 monkeys, Baoppu (Fire), Hiyappu (Water) and Yanappu (Grass). If you're reading this and planning on buying it, evolve them after they've learnt some decent moves. Seriously, once you evolve either of these 3 they learn no moves when leveling up, which blows. Also you can't choose which one, it depends on which starter you chose, I chose Tsutarja, so I got Hiyappu. I consider it my lucky Pokémon because that is my Chinese zodiac, I'm a Monkey as I was born in 1992 and also because of that I get the water element, so therefore I am a Water Monkey, cool no? And another thing, Bel and Cheren (who I guess are your rivals in this game) don't leave you the fuck alone. You fight them at every Route. You know how in the previous games you meet your rival several times but only at certain points in thie game? Well these 2 always seem to catch up to you at every Route, I suppose it's good for the exp. points but still :/
Another thing, this game doesn't fuck around. The 2nd gym leader has Lv18 and Lv20 Pokémon, in the previous game it was the 3rd gym leader whose Pokémon were at that level, I suppose it's not a big deal for people who usually are on the level or are overleveled but it was a bit of a problem for me, plus her fucking Miruhogg knows hypnosis which is a pain in the arse because it hits ALOT unless I have a faulty ROM or something.

Also, Team Plasma suck, that is all.
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I'm Not A Princess
20 October 2010 @ 06:49 pm

Finished work today D: though I have another job interview tomorrow and I'll probably fail. I also applied for another job aswell at a Primary school, hopefully someone will actually take me on this time as I have experience, most of the time they don't bother if you've never worked which is a fail because how the fuck do you get experience? :/

Also, because I did Luke's Daily Schedule for the weekdays, I'm planning on doing one for the weekends which will need more thought so I dunno when that'll happen, I need motivation first.

A quick post really, also on Monday No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle came in the post so I've played a little bit on that to see what it was like. I said to myself, that if it has no blood, it's going back. Guess what? It's not going back :D The reason why I say this is because the EU/JPN version is censored in the 1st game which there's no blood and stupid deaths which make no sense. Fucking censors, I mean why should they? It's for people who enjoy mature content and blood, if people are offended by such material then THEY SHOULDN'T BUY THE FUCKING GAME. RAAAAAEG DDDDD< It pisses me off, I don't want my bloody (I mean that as in a gory way, not the british swearing) games ruined because some lame ass company doesn't like a bit of blood. Blood makes death natural, when you get sliced in half, you bleed everywhere, not fucking turn into black dust, WTF even 4KiDS couldn't pull that off.

Rant over (:
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I'm Not A Princess
16 October 2010 @ 08:16 pm

New tag! (again). I've only recently got really into Layton and never bothering with the games because I'm lazy and I'm most likely to use a guide than my brain sooo I'll just watch the movie. Whilst talking with iExo (friend her if you're a Layton fan, she's new to LJ) we don't half come up with wacky scenario's for the Layton cast, includes; what the characters eat for breakfast, what Layton would watch on TV, birthdays etc etc. So she came up with the idea of writing a schedule for Layton and what he does through out the day, and so I said I'd try doing one for Luke (as I like him better). Now I don't know much about the games, I've only watching a cut scenes from the games so feel free to comment on anything I do wrong.
Also, to make this so much easier for myself, I'll write in first person as if I am Luke. Pfft, pretending to be a 12-13 year old boy FTW! (Or not..) On another note, it's unknown whether the Prof. Layton games take place in the past, present or future; I have head-canon that it takes place in the present so that's how it'll be. Plus, it'll have some slightly AU moments.

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Yeah, and it only took me 5 hours :DDD *dies*
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