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Tu Fui, Ego Eris

What You Are, I Was. What I Am, You Will Be

I'm Not A Princess
10 July
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Quick Description So my name's Sarah. I am a 19 year old anime and video game nerd who resides in the United Kingdom. When it comes to Video Games, I usually play RPGs and First Person Shooters because it's fun killing things >D Er, I'm usually described by others as rather quiet, studeous, shy, conscientious and introverted. Despite this I'm usually rather moody, stubborn, sarcastic and I'm quick to anger. Also, I have been known to be extremely overprotective of those I care about.

Fandoms Final Fantasy ❤ Persona ❤ Axis Powers Hetalia ❤ The Prince of Tennis ❤ Loveless ❤ The Legend of Zelda ❤ Fatal Frame ❤ Fruits Basket ❤ Full Metal Alchemist ❤ Yami no Matsuei ❤ Kingdom Hearts ❤ Professor Layton ❤ Lovely Complex ❤ La Corda d'Oro ❤ Yu-Gi-Oh! ❤ Kyou Kara Maou!

Fun Facts My middle name is: Elizabeth ♦ I was born on: July 10th ♦ I have never: Been able to whistle ♦ My height is: 5'7" ♦ Zodiac: Cancer (Western) Monkey (Chinese)